Are we using the cloud as an option!
In the era of software as a service and infrastructure as service, is testing adapted to cloud
computing for testing? With the huge growth in mobile computing, social and analytics, it has
become very important for business and it to provide a platform that can help implementing new
applications rapidly, enhance customer experience and stabilize business processes!
We have great examples of organisations performing their business on the cloud, and technology
companies are moving their robust ERP’s to run on the cloud, and connect through any handheld
Testing team has a great advantage in using the cloud technology and to meet the technology
trends and growth.
Testing challenges
Any IT discussion starts with saying testing is expensive? Infrastructure cost, environmental cost,
license cost, connectivity, etc., to provide a stable environment for testing there is a requirement of
huge investment and also necessary staff to support them. We all know most of the test teams are
deprived of the stable environment or have to work on shared test environment or multiple activities
in one environment(functional testing, non-functional testing, and deployment testing) leading to
delays in quality delivery or incomplete testing.
How do we address these strategic challenges along with other testing challenges we have?
Cloud computing for testing is the answer for agile, flexible and effectively delivering in time and
quality with parallel testing, sequential testing, pairwise testing strategy!
• Decreased total cost of testing and management
• Achieve in time delivery for the first time and all the time
• Multiple environments for multiple teams with high availability ratio
• Quick turnaround of test environment provisioning
• Highly scalable. Access, application, and data available in time for testing
Watch out on
1. The biggest scare of any org is security
2. Complexity in shared licenses
3. Review the benefits case and suitability
4. Thorough understanding risks
5. Long-term commitment
6. Organisation strategy
Cloud computing has given the organisation an option to think through to manage some of the
challenges like time to market, economic conditions, scalability, multi-environment, multi-application
and multiple releases. Cloud-based testing will enable the organisations to restructure testing
approach, methodology, and implementation of tools.
Please let me know your thoughts