Agile Adoption

Agile is all about adapting to change; it was built on the foundational principle that business priorities will change and the teams must be ready to embrace.

Agile methods promise to help you create software that delivers far more business value and, do it faster, and with less pain. However, many organisations struggle with implementation and leveraging these methods to their full benefit.

We engage with your team and help them
  • Understand the core drivers, principles, and values associated with agile success
  • Focus on delivering business value–and recognise the “indication” slippage
  • Effective feedback practices: sprint, kickoff and stand-up meetings, demos, retrospectives
  • Teaming: co-location, self-organisation, cross-functional roles
  • Facilitate processes and technical activities: testing, refactoring, continuous integration, simple design, collective code ownership, and pair programming
  • Act as an effective coach, learning to engage the community
  • Integrate, collaborate and collective decision making
How Genesis can help

Genesis provides measurement solutions to organisations undergoing agile transformations. These metrics are reported through a set of audience-tailored dashboards that provide visibility for managing complex transformation initiatives.

We are supporting our clients in the following area
  1. Agile Adoption Roadmap and implementation
  2. Agile value assessment, Agile optimisation and ROI
  3. Agile improvement strategy and handholding
  4. Define Agile health parameters and track through metrics and measurement,
  5. Measure the quality and productivity of the development process post-agile transformation

Our proven Agile Adoption Patterns will help you whether you’re planning your first agile project, trying to improve your next project, or evangelising agility throughout your organisation. This actionable advice is designed to work with any agile method, from XP and Scrum and to Lean.