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Coaching is not teaching, it is walking with the “Coachee” to help them to be successful and fulfill their vision.

We have customised coaching programmes designed to maximise performance and create positive change with, an executive or organisation Genesis works with a wide variety of clients from individuals with a goal, or organisations with vision or wanting to embed new and productive behaviours into their business or define a business strategy.

Our innovative Business Model generation and Value Proposition Design can be piloted before making operational. Adding value in each phase will provide a visible guide of the progress. Our Coaches help in defining the best business operation model to gain the maximum benefits.

We have an extensive background working with businesses, enjoy helping business people and individuals to clarify and realise their goals. We Strategise, Implement and Optimise the plan to ensure our clients are “Leading to Prosperity”

We engage in all the three Phases Strategy, Implementation and
Optimisation of the business, walk with you through the journey and
enable you in achieving goals.

It’s a  simple process flow, we start with co-creating the strategy for the business in the planning phase. We do pilot with your key business stakeholders and verify planning and assumptions. As a team, we agree on the improvement parameters and build and execute an Implementation Plan. Thereafter we will monitor the results through governance and metrics. We will agree upon a schedule and repeat the iteration, continue our client gets visible benefits. Please see the picture on the left provides you with a high-level view of our services.

“As entrepreneurs, We know how to take care and run the business, why do we need a business coach? How does it help?”
that is what we entrepreneurs think.

9 Reasons why a Business should consider having a coach!

1. Will help you get out of your comfort zone.
2. You’ll get personal attention from someone who knows your
business or with who you can discuss your Business in confidence.
3. You’ll finally have someone who will listen to you, challenge
you and help you find your “Why”
4. You’ll be guided to make your ideas a reality.
5. You’ll gain a needed confidant
6. You’ll hear unbiased opinions.
7. You’ll generate more value in less time.
8. You’ll will have enhanced confidence
9. He will be your North Star