Project Excellence

Enhancing project success through Project/Programme management and Risk Management

Large and complex projects often cost much more than planned; This can threaten the very existence of the organisation. The project managers who manage their quality triangle and master the key dimensions that align projects to business value are striving and delivering the projects in time, cost and quality. A study suggests that over half of all large IT projects massively shoot up their budgets.
On average, large IT projects up to 70% run over budget and over 65% over time. Software projects run the highest risk of cost and schedule overruns, which, is impacting the bottom-line and reputation

  • 70% of the projects are troubled.
  • 31% of organisations are likely to deliver the projects on time.
  • 29% of organisations are likely to deliver the project within budget.
  • 33% of the organisations deliver projects that likely to meet the original goals or business objectives

*Source: KPMG Project management Survey 2017

Even a few points in raise successful delivery of projects in time, budget and scope, there will be a positive impact on the companies financials.

Genesis offers project management services to manage your COMPLEX and DIGITAL Transformation projects and deliver them within budget, quality and time. Genesis’s project management team, with high-quality skills and experience, can identify risks associated with the project much earlier. They have been working on well-established methodologies and leading concepts and practices, ensuring projects to be tracked to objectives. We communicate and collaborate appropriately for a successful project delivery.

We help our clients
  • Transition and Digital Transformation planning and implementation
  • Application portfolio assessment
  • Establish a well managed Project governance or organisation governance
  • Complex project and programme management services
  • Facilitate the requirement gathering and high-level Architecture workshops
  • Facilitate a workshop for framework development or Sprint ‘0’ activates
  • Vendor management
Risk Management

Customers changing needs, demanding agile market conditions, tougher expectations by regulators and business owners are posing a challenge to the organisation to demonstrate better discipline, control, quality and responsibility. Failure to comply with the needs of customers, regulations and business needs could cost reputation, hit the bottom line and market share. cost the jobs and huge fines.

How robust is your governance, risk and compliance?

Organisations of all shapes and sizes relies on the accuracy, completeness, and the fair presentation of their business.
It’s about helping management to make well-informed decisions. Working from the organisation strategy to operational excellence. Genesis will provide you with an independent and experienced viewpoint, building confidence to fuel sustained growth.

We help to manage your risk by early warning system
  • We should be ready with the templates, exemplars for these work products.
  • IT Project assessment, Project Readiness Review, Test Readiness Review: With the changing mindset, pace and demanding customers, stakeholders need a confidence on their deliverables.
  • Operational Risk & Transformation– We help our clients transform the ways in which they can leverage people, technology, data, business processes, and controls to address their operational risks.
  • Technology and Data Risk– We help our clients transform their enterprise-wide technology and data management frameworks to improve decision-making.
  • Assurance– We provide independent assurance and the preparation towards assurance to our clients, to build confidence and trust with their stakeholders.
  • We help clients with regular health check that will help you to make an informed decision.