AI Disrupting talent Management and Retention

Dissect your company’s most valuable resources, your human capital, into skills, occupations and wages

 Skills for Industry Revolution 4.0

AI is assisting the industry to identify skill gaps, future skills and preparing workforce for IR4.0

  • In order to enable industry 4.0, it is essential to train or reskill large sections on the Australian/NZ workforce both at professional and technical levels.

  • Driving industry 4.0 outcomes and productivity requires environment and pull factors to attract the best talent and upskill workers.


The Problem

Skill Visibility

Even the best HR does not know what their employees’ skills are!


Identifying gaps in the profile and not knowing what to do to reach the next level


Excel sheet or need to check with respective managers

Skill Stock

Unknown organisation capacity or Skill heatmap

Global Data

Mapping the employee profile with millions profiles to assess the Niche

How Talented works?

Employee satisfaction and Organisation Growth

Succession Planning

  • Organisation need domain knowledge and new skills in key roles to build the next levels
  • Appropriate succession plan will assist the organisation to have redundancy and capacity

Organic Growth

  • It is key to have loyal employees in an organisation
  • Preparing employees within the organisation will reduce cost of recruitment and transition
  • Motivated employees
  • Organisation Culture


DADM (Progression & Promotion)

  • Data assisted decision making for promotion and progression
  • Right skilled employee promoted
  • Tracking and monitoring decision making



Jobs and skills (powered by Talented) work like a career mentor to enable people to realise the skills that will be needed to help them in their career development; with better insights into the kind of emerging skills that our digital and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) market is looking for in the future.

Mr. Winston Wong, Head of Workplace Learning, ST Engineering

The nature of jobs is changing rapidly, and the NUS career+ app (powered by Talented) provides a quick, simple, and convenient way for our alumni to stay abreast of the new industry developments and prepare themselves by adopting new skills that are in demand.

Professor Ho Tech Hua, Senior Deputy President & Provost, National University of Singapore

The Personal skills profile report and the macro level organisation skills profile are insightful. To help individuals, enterprises and IHLs navigate the rapidly evolving skills and job landscape, and make informed choices, SSG is working with partners such as Talented, to provide Jobs-Skills insights for all three stakeholders.

Dr Gog Soon Joo, Chief Skills Officer, Skills Future Singapore

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