We all are questioning WHY COVID? WHY is making so hard to me/Us? What did we do wrong? Where is it heading? Why? What? How? When? Many more questions….

When we look back, we have seen GFC, Dotnet burst, Y2K, Recessions, wars, plagues, Ebola, earthquakes, volcanos, Tsunami, bushfires, hostile clients, worst working condition, crashing businesses,…. Many more. When all this happening we had same questions…. WHY? WHAT? HOW? WHEN? Every time something catastrophic happened, our future looked bleak, we just phased and continued! 

 How different is Today, We are consoling ourselves and friends saying, I was here when COVID19 existed, I witnessed the great change in human behaviour, I am taking care of my neighbour and community, I am learning to live minimalistic, I am trusting the system and people more than ever, I follow the best diet, I maintain very hygiene lifestyle, I talk to people around me, I respect myspace and others, I care….list goes on. We have just “Phased”. 

 Let us take a deep breath and start connecting the dots. Refresh our memory and start learning from our experiences, what do we see? What do we realise? We all know how to

  •  “Grow Resilient”, 
  • “Make best of worst”, 
  • “Leap into New Normal”.  
  • “Mitigate risks and issues” 
  • “Adopt and Adapt” 

 New Normal” Yes it was not there before, but it will be there forever 

50 years from now when the future looks back, they will be proud of us how we restored humanity, life, nature and businesses. 

 Hence like many disasters we had in the past, COVID will also be part of one of the disaster…let’s move on and trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. Trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future